heaven’s heart.

Cori’s post on my visit to VA Beach last year . . . I thought it was funny.

Yay, so tomorrow I will board one of those big mechanical birds, fly in a decisively southern direction for several hours, then touch down in the tiny hamlet that holds my heart: Virginia Beach, VA.  Yea, baby.  And guess who’s coming to visit?

Nope, not the Tooth Fairy.  But close.  Veerrry close.

In some way, anyhow.  Except the Tooth Fairy is probably rather advanced in years at this point in her chronology.  It’s been years since one of my teeth has so much as dared to waggle.  Or wiggle, for that matter.

But hark, I must get myself to bed.  I have a riveting discussion of Ginsberg’s “Howl” tomorrow at 9:10 on the nose that I dare not miss.  …Or do I?

Ah, the sweet temptations of snooze alarm-granted slumber.

This post is dedicated to the lovely Rose of Beloit, Miss Coral K. Mostly because I joined her hall’s webring on accident and I am wondering if I should try to undo the deed, or let it stay that way until she discovers what mischief Cori hath wrought.  Yes, “Cori” is me.  I usually answer to that name.  Ever since my dear mother was too exhausted after giving birth to my average-weighted self (7.5 lbs…at least they TOLD me that was average…if they were just saying that, and I was actually a chunky lump of infant cuteness, well, I guess I will have to deal with facing that awful truth when I can afford a psychoanalyst) to have the energy to enunciate three extra letters (though the “e” is silent, mind you–isn’t that nifty? I like it), though you will note her failure to realize she was still having to say two syllables, I have been more or less resigned to the idea of Coriness.  But it’s a good life, really it is.  I am well fed, well groomed, and–best of all–my name ends with an i, which is the coolest vowel ever.  For no particular reason.

I am really going now.  For real, yo.

Good times, those were, good times.  Too bad you’re not around for us to convene our comorra.  And personally, I think the coolest vowel ever is “a” because no one can figure out its gender and you can write it like three different ways. 


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