not just a man

till our faces reflect His glory.
and hers . . . it does.
February 10, 1982 – November 15, 2004

“I grieve for you, Cori, my sister;
You were very dear to me.
Your love for me was wonderful,
more wonderful than that of men.”
– 2 Samuel 1.26

Cori went home between 1 and 3am  on Monday, November 15, 2004.  I remember her telling me when she arrived something about the Ides of November.  Well, that would about sum it up, Cori.

I loved her far more than I dreamed was possible to love.  Her soul was, as David and Jonathan’s were, knit to mine.  And I’m doing okay, all.  I’m confused, but I’m still here.

The mind reels Cori.  *this is the part where you say: “the mind does reel Coral”*


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