your love can’t reach me..

And today’s blessing . . . .

Monkeys live in trees, Monkeys have hairy knees,  Monkeys don’t wear shoes, Monkeys never lose . . . . their wallets!  Cause they don’t have any.

I like monkeys as much or more than Jilly likes whales.

And I like the mall.

And I like my new outfit.  Woohoo!!!  (Okay, so I might think that it’s a little over the edge, but I’ll pull it off.  Cause I’m cool too.)

On a more serious note, no, I am not copying anyone.  I shoul dhave posted this back when it would have been original . . . before the three-o-clock class, that is.

I wish to want, Lord, what eludes my will:

between your passion and my heart a block

of ice deflects your fire, and makes a mock

of everything I write with perjured quill.

I love you with my lips, then groan that still

your love can’t reach my heart, nor will it knock

and force the door, that joys of all kinds flock

about my heart, your purpose to fulfill.

dissolve that block, my lord, tear down the wall

whose thickness keeps me from the piercing light

of your sweet presence, no longer seen on earth.

Be like a bridegroom, let your brightness fall

upon a yearning soul which at your sight

is warmed at heart, having from you its birth.


“Your love can’t reach my heart.”


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