breaking curfew

So we needed to get something out of our car . . . and when we were out there, we noticed that a tire was flat, and we had to change it . . . and funny, Sonic was right there on the way to find the car-jack . . . and so we just picked up a couple of limeades . . .

. . . it’s totally plausible.

Jess and I attempt to find a good reason to break curfew.  Sigh.  Maybe there’s a cold Ale-8 in the fridge . . .

Okay,  so Jess tells me that in order for this to work, we have to not mention Sonic at all.  We just have to say that it took us that long to change the tire.  Cause heck knows I don’t change a lot of tires.  It’s really hard work.  And none of the boys would break curfew to help us.  Darn their morals.  And Jess is just soooo more experienced . . . oh wait.  Nevermind.


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