pass that…

So I was going to post about Missy Elliot’s “Pass the Dutch” – a short commentary on why I prefer to interpret the song as being about doing white boys as opposed to drugs . . . but when you actually stop and read the lyrics . . . either way I can’t really post that.

Tragically, you all shall have to be pleased with the ultra-short version: I like to think of it as a song about doing white boys . . .

This is the first weekend since September that I have been in residence.  Isn’t that a little weird?  I think so too . . . . I don’t normally like the upheaval of not being right here in the dorm . . . when you finally have time to sit back and relax . . . First Auntie Vicki’s – great fun but naturally busy.  And whenever we go there, something cool happens on campus . . . like Homecoming.  Then the VanCampen wedding in Tennessee . . . and much as I love those children, I’m not really sure the money was worth the sinus infection and tuberculosis-like coughing I developed.  But I did like last weekend, however, in Michigan.  For one, being with your mom when you’re sick is the best thing ever!  (Can I get an amen?) For two, I’ve never been that  spoiled in a hotel ever! (Or out of place . . . I only own one good pair of jeans . . . ) For three . . .

Tomorrow . . . church at my own church!!!! YAY!!!!  Peace and rest and probably the rest of John Piper’s Desiring God.  I really am looking forward to it.  Today . . . Pentateuch, Latin and Greek out the wazoo.  Yay for that too . . .


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