When we make our laws and educational policies primarily for parents who don’t care, instead of those who do, those laws are backwards.

The family was given to us by the same God in whom our country trusts.  On the family rest the pinions of our society.  Nevertheless, we have gone a long, long way toward putting it down and substituting parenting-by-state.

In his now-famed report, sociologist James Coleman found that a childs success or failure in school is largely determined by the family rather than the school budget.

The hand that rocks the cradle still rules the world.  Let’s be sobered at the thought of losing that grip.

Let us not forget that the God who designed the kids ordained the family to nest them.  And let the school follow after.

Children who have been homeschooled from their early years are seldom age-segregated.  They mix freely with all ages, and their curiousity and exploration are accordingly larger and wider.

Just some thoughts from Raymond and Dorothy Moore.  And me.  Of course.


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