I’m under the impression that if all of Asbury got off of its ridiculous “I’m an Asburian, are you?” horse and tried different modes of transportation, such as reading the Second Glide blogring . . . the entire world would go technicolor and change EvERyOne.  Just think how many thoughts they could think . . . .

I was just thinking that as I cracked up over the picture Katie Murphy (who oddly, probably isn’t a part of our blogring, though by rights she should be) mimicking Scream on her blog.  Listen, wallaby, pull yourself together and conform – join the blogring . . . or don’t, it’s up to you.

Has anyone read Mary Mea . . . I mean just plain Mary’s site lately?  That girl cracks me up!!!  And did anyone else DIE laughing when Dr. Strait referred to the “happy fields” on Wednesday in class?  Okay, so maybe I’m just crazy . . .

And I’ve decided I want a mini-van!!! Totally!! That white bullet of Katie’s has some serious get-up and go . . . like, more than a 15-year-old boy in the backseat at a drive-in movie.  It totally rocked.  Even if I didn’t take that guy in the Z-24.  Soccer mom-dom, here I come!!!

About the rumors about my body’s diversity . . . there will be a press release concerning this at a later date . . . why all the fuss, anyway?  It’s cause he’s black, isn’t it?  (Am I even allowed to say that?)

And so, peeps, it’s time for the inevitable, but disgusting, cafeteria run . . . will talk to you wallabies later.

Coral Rose


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