fake cousins

Take a look at my cool new profile pic!!! It’s me with my second cousins in Cincy – Benjamin, Wesley, Bailey and Alex.  Aren’t they charming?  I believe that in this picture they are currently crushing my chest cavity while yelling “Again!  Again!”  like some crazy juvenile cult.  I chose not to put up the picture where Marisa’s boyfriend is laying next to me, supporting some of the heft of their squirming weight, because I think that in 5 posts or so, when this one disappears, people would grow confused and start asking a lot of questions.

*P.S.  On the honesty note, these small children are actually in no way blood related to me . . . they are Marisa’s second cousins, and actually have nothing whatsoever in common with me in the way of DNA.  I wish. They’re the funniest little things ever.


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