Price of stupidity: $5.08.

I ran out of gas this morning.  Or rather, Lisa and I did, but it really wasn’t her fault.  I recall saying last night as we pulled into the house where I am house-sitting, “I hope that we have enough gas to get back to school in the morning.”

We didn’t.

We stopped on the side of 68, right off of 33, in a dangerous section of the road because of blind corners.  I didn’t really have a choice though, once the power steering and brakes go, it’s well nigh impossible to do anything.  So we managed to pull off, at least.  Kudos to us.  And this is Kentucky.  Plenty of toothless old men stopped to ask if we needed help, but a lady who works at Wesley Village actually took me into town and back, while Lisa guarded the fort.  Or the Chevy, however you prefer to view it.

But we’re back, and we’re safe, and no one/anything killed us last night.  And hey, it’s a story to tell!  (Not to mention, if all I have to pay for stupidity is $5.08, that’s a miracle.)

Advice of the day: Fill your gas tank.


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