i have heard

So we went to the Tinsley’s for the weekend.  So much stuff, so little time . . .

Jill, Katie, Bex and I were entertained by several dogs (ask Bex about the dog tripping her, and how her initial thought was to blame me,) lots of horses, and Rebecca, the youngest Tinsley.  We told tall tales (the blue leisure suit story was the most often repeated) and stayed up ridiculously late giggling.  If you have to ask about something, ask about:

swimming in the “pond”

Katie’s friend’s rip-away undies

the “my roommate’s underwear” story

hiding from the Germans

Abraham and Malachi

Katie’s voices in the night

sneezing in multiples of 3

premonitions about abusive cousins

Everything was wonderful.  And I’m so tired and behind in everything.



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