coming home!!!

Short is apparently better.
School.  We’re in it.

I haven’t been funny is so very long.  So I’m going to see if you all can decipher my class notes from Dr. Strait’s class . . . and see if any of you can tell how in the heck this gets me good grades:

9-10 line 392 – does he have a choice? 396 -> end of Troy.      if Hector dies – family lost emphasis on tears feel the Pathos of the Trojans doomed, lost, misplaced people       Is this Realistic or Contradictory? living in the Tension of the two this character – unwavering committment, despite hoplessness. best of many (internal struggle b/w & vision of doom) like us –> doom here & now heavenly hope how pivotal is knowing this?    what’s our risk in forgetting this                                                                       9-10 *in a little box*            Culture of defeat       conflict between household and city:               household, Andr., son, Troy btw youth (son) & age (him)     fathers, sons, brother, husbsand – Hector    complex human associations – that’s us!!! character of choic – where do we find this? Andromache’s . . . is heroism possible w/o freedom & responsibility

uh . . . yeah.  So I’m going to spare you the rest.

Shout outs to Gimli, Jill, Dana and the rest of the Second Glide newbies.  I love you.

To everyone else: Risa, Lisa, Bex, Tins, Becca, Maria, Sara, Kasey, Quiggins . . . . EVERYBODY!!! WE’RE HERE!!!!


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