mama didn’t raise no foo

So it’s been like a month since I’ve written.  Can we say that I’m really busy?

I really do love you all, I really do miss you all, I really don’t have a life . . . .

Stuff I have done this summer:

– came home for 5 whole days to see a friend get married

-got cussed out in Spanish, several days in a row before a certain Mexican cook decided to quit.

– went to a pool, once, with a friend and her three kids

– read some of my books I’ve been intending to forever.

– went for coffee with an old friend (I’m not saying he’s old, honestly)

– driven back and forth to Wilmore for my mail a zillion times.

– got a Kentucky address and library card.

– paid utility bills for the first time

– got cussed out in a Japanese/English hybrid language – for something I didn’t do.

– got a raise

– lost a raise

Other than that . . . . nothing.  Will talk to you all again soon.  Love!


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