the hot moon

So I’m just sitting here in the computer lab, waiting for Jess to finish her independent study paper so we can go home and find something to eat . . . and clean my room . . . and clean my car . . . and wash some clothes . . . and maybe take a shower . . . and watch a movie . . .

I’m so lazy!!! I just got a new cell phone though!!! Free minutes after 9!!! Send me an e-mail sometime if you want the number.

Work is going well, I’ve been promoted again, the only thing left for them to promote me to is manager . . . I’m not holding my breath, but it would certainly be a really nice paycheck in the long run.

Other than that . . . we all hold our breath about Buff’s job . . . and walk on eggshells.  Jess’s summer school is boring, and she has her first test on Wednesday . . . but she’s brilliant, she’ll pull it off.

So . . . must find some food . . . must find some sanity . .. must go back to work tomorrow . . . at 6am . . .


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