skin pigmentation

So you think that having one roommate is complicated?  Try having two.  One of whom can’t find her car keys in the morning, her Spanish homework at noon, her W2 at night and her contact case and bedtime and one of whom eats everything in sight, jumps around like a mad-woman, laughs exactly like you and has more hair and body products with her than you’ve ever owned in your life.  This all further complicated by the fact that you all three are tall and there are just two beds and a papazahn chair . . .

These are the joys of having Ember visit Buffy and I.

Oh, and yes, I look like a lobster and I’M PROUD OF IT!!! YAY FOR SKIN PIGMENTATION!!!!  Even if it is red . . . even if it does make me look stupid . . . and even if that means that no one will ever have a chance to marry me because I’ll get skin cancer . . I’m happy to be sore.

I think part of that is that it’s been so long since I’ve sat outside for four hours and thought and/or talked about nothing serious.  No one with major life issues sat down with me and cried, no one felt the need to talk extensively about the homework we were pretending to do, and we frequently wandered away from our blanket for no apparent reason other than that we didn’t feel like seeing the view from that part of the green right then.  Jess and Ember and I wandered off and on Reasoner for five hours.  And I didn’t do anything.  And I feel exhausted and burned and wonderful.

God is good.

And one last note, for Mare and Kasey . . . “Yay for gnashing of teeth!”


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