we who are about to …

Because my life doesn’t have a perpetual running commentary of hilarity, I am going to give you the humour run-down mixed in with some thoughts from dear friends . . . I’m going to plagarize, essentially.

From home:

“I lovedge you, Piggy, I lovedge you!”  :-p  I wonder who that was.

Great billboard from the way back to school.  “Out Patient Vasectomy Reversal: Safe and Effective.” But evidently not very confidential.

Now that I’m back . . . the 20 page paper for Archaeology . . . the one that has had me pulling out hair for over a month . . . AN A!!!!

So I delivered a baby in the ambulance not 2 long ago…. my sisters first question was, “Did it look like Sister Wendy????”   – Sadly enough it did not.  Not to mention it had an extra 1/2 inch you know what I mean.  –Phil, our lovely and charming EMT

beavers and ducks… – Kasey . . . sometimes we just DON’T ask.

Now everyone needs to see Azumanga Daioh so they’ll appreciate it even more! – Rachel.  Now if I just knew what the heck that was supposed to mean.  Is that a language I should recognize?

Then, I went out to eat with the Macedonian Mafia…aka…my dad’s side of the family. – Mary M.  LOL.  I just love reading things like this that make me feel like maybe my family is normal.  Please, Mare, don’t take that wrong, I’m not saying y’all are as weird as we are. 

*RIDICULOUS movies like jonny english (“she is not EVEN falling for him! SICK!!”) – Becca, on her Easter Break . . . I can hear the tone of voice used here. 

So when I returned to my room . . . there was 8-day old shrimp lo-mein in an open container by the chair.  Urm . . . it smelled like there was a corpse in here.  Two air freshners and a bottle of Febreeze later and the lingering odor of the departed shrimp still hangs in the air.  Lingering to remind us of those who had gone before . . .  Not the best welcome home, but definitely note-worthy.

That’s all for now, folks.  Second Ghetto salutes you.

-Coral Rose


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