Me and my Chevy

Bah. I have woken up this morning and realized that tomorrow I will have to spend 10 hours with my little gold Cavalier again . . . bonding on the way back to Kentucky. Sigh. Can we have Spring Break every week? I don’t want to go back to classes . . . I don’t want to go back to work . . .

Okay. Enough whining. I haven’t done anything at all this break. Well, I read Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides. A nice Greek name. It was disturbing. Although, I would suspect that anything involving a brother and sister getting married would be disturbing. I don’t understand why you have to cross so many lines in order to have a best seller these days.
Other than that . . . I haven’t studied for my tests on Thursday . . . didn’t even finish the reading. I am in the middle of the second of a pair of socks. Yay for me!!! And I’ve successfully evaded Miss Bianca the cat for nearly a week.

I’m not sure why I’m in school. Do I really love it??


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