Walking on water….

So now that the jig is up, y’all should take a look at Andy’s website and his car’s website. That would be sbdriver75 and AndysCelica . . . . both very funny, and the latter of which was the product of a very tired brain which did not want to look at Hebrew homework.

Having Melody here has been hilarious. I can’t believe it’s almost over.

First off, she gets off the plane exhausted, after 8 hours of travel and very little sleep (although how that is different from any other day is entirely beyond me) and we take her down this little one-lane, two-way road that twists and turns, turning in and back on itself over and over and finally comes around a hairpin and goes straight through the creek to come out on the other side and continue on. Now, there’s a cement slab laid in the bottom of the creek, probably 3-4 inches under the water flow, and so it’s not dangerous, but to anyone who hasn’t seen it before it’s a litle nerve wracking. Now imagine that you’re exhausted and we tell you that we only have that one way to drive to get to Walmart from Wilmore, and to calm down, this is Kentucky, not New York. Melody is gullible when tired. I told her the truth, but not until after we drove through it four or five times, each time with a dramatic reaction from here that was reminiscent of “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

We also took her to ice hockey, midnight ice hockey. UK’s club team played, and it was Valentine’s evening, and the crowd was obscene and hyper. Best situation to put a tired Melody into, that’s for sure.

What have we done the rest of the week? Ran to Walmart. Watched movies. Went to the dollar theatre. Went out to Applebees, (that one was on Mom and Dad ). . .

She slept a lot, I went to class. I did no homework, no reading, no nothing.

It’s the end of the week, and I’m exhausted, and I wish she never had to go back. It’s so much more fun this way.

Oh, yeah. We went to see Gothika last night, in the dollar theatre . . . I think I crushed most of the bones in Buffy and Mel’s hands both. I think I may scare easily.


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