Currently Reading
Egypt, Greece and Rome: Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean
By Charles Freeman
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I’ve decided that the end of the semester would be the best time for dramatic life change . . . as soon as I finish studying.

A nice thought from my nearest and dearest friend:

Finals week feels an awful lot like serial dating. Monday I’ll be going out with Fiction Writing, but by Tuesday I’ll probably have moved onto Plants and People. He’s probably going to not be a good fit either, so just in case I’ve lined up some Chaucer for Wednesday. I have high hopes for him; if all else fails, however, and I get really desperate, Lewis and Tolkien are taking me out to breakfast on Thursday. So many choices! Too bad they’re so high-maintenance. I’ll be spending all weekend getting ready to meet them, so let’s hope they’re worth it. Wish me luck! -Cori Lee


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