dear pleasant pastures

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I’m With You (Enhanced)
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– I’m With You – –
Dear Pleasant Pastures . . .

I really don’t know the first thing about having a website, but I decided I’m decidedly good at talking for a really long time about nothing . . . so why not?

I don’t really have anything to say about anything, or anyone today.

I had my very first eggnog this afternoon in Latin. Josh thought that it was a travesty (oooh, big word!) that I had never had any in my life, so he brought it in for the whole class. We decided that it would have been better with a little somethin’ somethin’ in with it, but it was surprisingly good regardless. Sad isn’t it, that I am this old and have never had eggnog. I didn’t have brussel sprouts till after I left for college though . . . that’s the kind of family I have. If Mom and Dad don’t like it, we never get a chance to try it. In the case of brussel sprouts, I can’t say that I’m sorry.

Anyway, this last part is to Buffy, who thinks that I am writing her an e-mail, or something close to it. I love her to death. She’s the only thing that makes me laugh some days.

I now have a roommate named Buffy/Who gets quite unusually huffy/When poked in the side/Her patience is tried/And she locks me out kinda roughly.

Okay, I’m going to go now.

*SOL* – Coral Rose


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